Day Trips

Because Seville is the capital of Andalucía, with a “hub” position in the transport system, it is also the perfect base for day trips to other cities in the region. I organize your transport (by train or bus) and take you to the best places (including the best places to eat) and the most important and interesting sights. As with all my tours, the day trips can be customised to suit your particular interests and requirements. Come with me to…

Cádiz – founded 3,000 years ago by the Phoenicians, and thought to be the oldest inhabited city in Spain, Cádiz is still a major deepwater harbour and port. Situated at the end of a spit of land the old city is surrounded on three sides by the sea, has a beautiful beach in the centre, a great market and lots of winding little streets. And it’s just the right size to walk around in a day.

Córdoba – capital of the Moorish caliphate in the 10th century, and once the intellectual and cultural centre of Europe and the Mediterranean, the city has in the Mezquita one of the world’s architectural gems, as well as other important Roman and mediaeval remains in one of the best preserved old cities in Europe. The beautiful flower-filled patios are also not to be missed.

Ronda – less well-known than some of its bigger rivals, Ronda is nevertheless one of the most charming and most spectacular towns in Andalucía. It has a unique location on a rocky hilltop with the Tajo gorge splitting it into two parts, and a history stretching back to Roman times. It’s also the home of modern bullfighting, and has the oldest bullring in Spain.

Carmona – just forty minutes by bus from Seville, Carmona has far more history than a town this size has any right to, and it’s almost impossibly picturesque as well. You can walk round it and see the main sights in just a few hours, and there are some good bars and restaurants on the way. One of those little gems that you shouldn’t miss.

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