Your day trip to Cádiz lasts from about 9.30 am to 8.30 pm., travelling to and from Cádiz by train. Your tour of this “almost an island” seaport, which has been a gateway to the world for about three thousand years, will include a visit to the central market with its colourful displays of fresh produce and a selection of fish and seafood that would be the envy of almost any market in the world.

A two stop lunchtime tapas tour, taking in one very traditional bar, and one with a more modern style is followed by a leisurely stroll along the sea-front and through the picturesque narrow streets to the most interesting historical sights, including the Roman amphitheatre, the fortifications, the botanical garden and some of the beautiful plazas that are a such a feature of the city, with a stop or two for refreshments along the way. This will give you the opportunity to experience all the different aspects of a day at the seaside in this unique and charming city, and enjoy some of its typical cuisine.

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