Your day trip to Córdoba will last from about 8.30 am to 7.30 pm (an earlier return is possible if required), travelling to and from your destination by train. Córdoba is of course most famous for the Mezquita, the stunning mosque of the Moorish period, now a cathedral, but although this will be the highlight of the visit, it’s by no means all the city has to offer. Within five minutes walk you can also find the Alcázar (fortress palace) of the early Christian kings, and the Roman bridge, which is still in use almost two thousand years after it was built.

Córdoba is also a great city for just walking around, and as well as the Jewish quarter and old walls we will explore some of the streets of the old city away from the more touristy areas, stopping for refreshments in the Correduría, the only “Plaza Mayor” in Andalucia. Lunch will be a two-stop tapas tour, with a slice of the world’s largest tortilla for starters, followed by a sit-down meal. Once the artistic and intellectual centre of Europe, Córdoba is probably one of Spain’s most underrated destinations, and on this trip you will be able to experience and enjoy some of its very special character.

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