About Seville Concierge

peter tatfordHave you ever been abroad on holiday or on business, and felt like “a stranger in a strange land”? Ever felt cut off from the locals by the language barrier and their ways of doing things, or just by not knowing your way around, or knowing where to go to get the things that you need? Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to help you get your bearings, help you with your shopping, book a show, take you to the best places to eat, and show you places that the guide books don’t know about?

That’s where I come in. I’m a Londoner by birth, but I’ve been living in Seville since 2004, and you can take advantage of the local knowledge that I’ve acquired to find your way around the beautiful city of Seville, discover something of its history, culture and customs, and learn how to deal with those little everyday problems and niggles that come up (how does the “turno” system work, how do I pay on the bus and metro, how much should I tip?). In short, I can provide everything you need to make your holiday or business trip enjoyable, relaxing and trouble-free.