Flamenco & Tapas

It might well be said that in Seville tapas feeds the body, and flamenco feeds the soul. Both are essential parts of the local culture, and anyone wanting to experience the real Seville should be sure to follow the bar hopping tradition of the tapeo, and go to see a flamenco show. If you’re not certain what to look for, though, you might find yourself on the horns of a dilemma.

Locals who love flamenco tend to go to “peñas”, which are like private clubs, where casual visitors may not be welcome and which might feel a bit intimidating, while Flamenco & Dinner Shows are all too often overpriced spectacles with mediocre entertainment – and even worse food – in charmless surroundings crammed with busloads of tourists.

But now you can avoid these dilemmas. My Flamenco & Tapas Tour combines an authentic flamenco show that features the most talented performers in an intimate and unique setting, and exquisite food and wine in two of Seville’s best tapas bars. You will be met at your hotel, or a central meeting point, and taken to see the flamenco performance. Before the show I will explain a little of the history and background of the art. The show will be followed by the tapeo, visiting both traditional and modern tapas bars, and trying some outstanding food and wine. (minimum: two people).

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