Tapas Tours


In recent years the Spanish eating out culture of tapas, going from bar to bar and eating small plates of food with a drink, has become increasingly well-known (and copied) abroad, but there’s nothing quite like experiencing it in its true home.

On my relaxed and casual tapas tours you will go to some of Sevilla’s best tapas bars and sample an excellent selection of tapas & wines.  The typical tapas tour (known as “el tapeo” in Spanish) is all inclusive, and will include visiting three bars and having a couple of tapas and a drink at each. Because tapas bars tend to be small and are often quite crowded, groups are normally limited to 2-6 people, though larger groups can be accommodated with a modified itinerary. It’s usually possible to find a table, but sometimes you may be standing up at the bar (though this all adds to the experience!).

There is also a 4-hour gourmet tapas tour, where you pay a guide fee, and purchase your own food and drink (with a little help from me, of course). Just the ticket for the more adventurous. Lunchtime (13.00 – 17.00) or evening (20.00 – 24.00) tours are available.

You will be encouraged to order your own food & drink and will also be given a list of food translations, as well as other “rutas de tapas” that you can try out another day on your own, with your newly acquired knowledge of Spanish cuisine.

Special requests (eg. vegetarian and other food preferences) can be accommodated, though some tours may not be available and other differences may apply.

For more information or to book a tour contact me at: